marcella campa srefano avesani
installation 180个画面装置艺术

designer  arch. Marcella Campa / arch. Stefano Avesani / Instant Hutong location Jianchang Hutong, Beijing type art installation materials 180 fabric canvas, acrylic colours, metal wire, staples curator Arrow Factory year 2014

180 Canvases is a site specific installation designed to fill the space of a small gallery in a Hutong of Beijing. We played with the original concept of the space, a shop-like show window facing the hutong lane, inserting an element of surprise to catch attention of passing-by viewers. The contrast of a colorful Wunderkammer featuring 180 canvases painted by hand strikes with the grey color of surrounding walls, bringing some reminder to local tradition of Chinese colorful paper cutting and the common habit of people to hang up wires on which they put clothes to dry on the public lanes.


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