marcella campa srefano avesani



office space + VI 办公空间

designer arch. Marcella Campa / arch. Stefano Avesani project team Sara Scotti, Huo Ran 霍燃, Lisa Montanari, Jia Chen 贾晨, Du Chang 杜昌 contractor Henghe Arts&Design

北京恒禾艺术设计有限公司制作部 location Beijing function office space area 600 sqm type Built client LEEGE year 2018 photos RAMOPRIMO头条事务所、Zhang Hui张辉 artworks Instant Hutong


We were re-thinking a new visual identity and interior space for LEEGE headquarter in Beijing. The space is designed as an empty white page where different elements create an open system: sliding walls, curve shaped meeting rooms, community corners, tables and equipments for work and relax are placed freely, like a combinatory game board or a playground made of voids and volumes. Functions and objects create a contemporary ever-changing working environment, where people is free to move and choose new paths and where creative work can be inspired by a flexible and stimulating space.


我们试图为位于北京的力景总部办公室打造一个全新的视觉形象和室内空间。 这个空间被想象为一个空白的页面,在其中不同的元素共同创建了一个开放的系统:滑动墙壁,曲线形状的会议室,社交区域,桌子和工作和放松用的各种设备可以自由放置组合,就像组合式游戏板或由空隙和体块重构的游乐场。功能和对象创造了一个当代的持续变化的工作环境,人们可以在其中自由地移动或者选择新的路径,并在灵活和活泼的空间中被激发灵感。