marcella campa srefano avesani


pop-up shop 乐纯 酸奶店

designer arch. Marcella Campa / arch. Stefano Avesani design team Jia Chen, Sara Scotti location Beijing, China function yogurt shop area 20 sqm type Built client private year 2016

All internal walls and the ceiling of this bright and clean pop-up yogurt shop are covered by striped screens made of white paint pine wood to contrast with the colorful variety of the yogurt cups packaging. These semi-transparent decorative elements mainly re-propose the idea of wooden cranes used for traditional fruit stands in street markets. The slope ceiling invites customers to focus on the main yogurt display on the counter. Wooden strips have been also used to create specifically designed benches and tables. On the back of the counter, a large yellow sliding door connects the shop to the company’s office space.


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