marcella campa-srefano avesani


SWEETIE SALAD 甜心摇滚沙拉 restaurant 轻食餐厅

designer arch. Marcella Campa / arch. Stefano Avesani design team Sara Scotti / DuChang location Beijing  China function restautant,deli area 160 sqm + patio type Built client Sweetie Salad - 甜心摇滚沙拉 year 2018

Sweetie Salad restaurant in Beijing is highlighting the connection of food and nature. The concept is based on the idea of a pic-nic trip, where all typical elements of a day in the nature have been revisited, recombined and re-proposed into new roles.


Wall surfaces made of real clay bricks have been mounted and colored like an enlarged gingham patterned cover and define the background of main dining areas, where customers can sit around over-sized community tables in solid wood or on custom-made gingham patterned sofa chairs.