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villas masterplan 西山总体规划

designer  arch. Marcella Campa / arch. Stefano Avesani location Xishan, Beijing, China function 150 countryside villas, club house, hotel, conference center area 160,000 sqm type Competition, 2nd prize year 2011

Main idea for the masterplan is to set an innovative way of living starting from the definition of a largely enjoyable public space and green environment in-between the 150 villas. The aim is to guarantee privacy, despite the high density, while enriching the sense of belonging to a community. A green public network of meadows and gardens and paved walkways define a “fingers” layout where “city” meets “nature”: a system of communities surrounded by green. The hotel and conference center are designed as rural landmarks surrounded by water.

设计的主旨是在150栋别墅之间定义一个很大的公用空间和绿色环境中建立一种创新的生活方式。其目的是保证隐私,保持高密度的同时丰富社区归属感。用草地和花园的绿色公共网络和铺设的人行道,定义一个“城市”遇到“自然” 的“手指”形的布局:一个被绿色包围的社区系统。酒店和会议中心被设计成被水包围的乡村地标。