grape garden 延庆葡萄博览园

designer  arch. Marcella Campa / arch. Stefano Avesani / arch. Momo andrea destro  / arch. Margret Domko / arch. Liu Kai  location YanQing, China function Grape and wine park, forest, wetland park, picking areas, greenhouses, winery, restaurant, wine museum, conference centre area 3,8 mln sqm type Masterplan, Invited Competition, 1st prize Client Private year 2012

Design for the “Shan Shui Grape Garden” arises from a careful reading of the rhythm of the territory, which is a system of parallel lines running from east to west. Three new main “ECOLOGICAL RIBBON ROUTES”, where activities and functions are located, are placed onto a large VINYARDS CARPET dotted with fruit trees. A system of “NATURAL CORRIDORS” will define the connecting path network, viable by biking, walking, riding a horse or rowing a boat. The resulting network of walkable paths and gardens will offer an ecological infrastructure model for the wider territorial park which can be extended along the river.